150 Stefano Way

"Dear Mark,

Exmouth Building Company Made My Dream Come True.

As a single young female living in the remote North West, away from family: I was initially

hesitant to build my own home. The thought of committing to, and planning something so

huge, and of which I had absolutely no understanding was extremely daunting to me;

especially as I did not want to settle for anything less than a double story plan to take

advantage of the location.

I drew up my dream home and took my ideas to a few builders before I met up with Mark (of

Exmouth Building Company) whom a real estate friend had recommended. Upon meeting with Mark, I

was immediately impressed, his friendly, understanding, non-forceful and ‘can-do’ attitude

made me feel absolutely comfortable and confident about what I was doing and with making

my own decisions. Exmouth Building Company made everything easy for me from the initial

preparations, paperwork, scheduling, and options, Communications were friendly, punctual

and informative, they even set me up with a great financial advisor when things fell through

with my original agency. They worked with me to make my dream home fit in with my tight

budget and were extremely considerate yet honest with advice to ensure only the best job

was done.

Completed to the agreed stage on time, I am now a very proud sole owner of a well

designed, functional, and robust home. I have heard so many horror stories about builders

and homes, yet I can say with much pride and gratitude that Exmouth Building Company made the

process of building my own home relaxing, easy and exciting. Exmouth Building Company took building

my house to a personal level and to my satisfaction. I am glad to have made new friends and

I wish Exmouth Building Company the Very Best Future in Exmouth.

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