416 Madaffari Drive

Handover complete. 20 weeks in construction and the result is 2 very happy clients, who were both a pleasure to work with. Enjoy your new home

Approaching completion now. Finishing touches all coming together. Pool and retaining walls taking shape. Exciting times ahead handing keys over to our valued clients.

Lock Up achieved today. Tiler started his floor screeds today and Painter in tomorrow for undercoats. Very happy with the progress

Interior and exterior wall claddings progressing smoothly. Plenty of insulation to make the home comfortable. Nice workmanship from our tradies

Roofing has started with wall claddings to follow

Good progression in the last few weeks.
Given the concrete slab a good week to harden and now framing almost complete.
Drains, water and electrical services in.
Roof cladding to begin next week.
Big thanks to our valued trades & suppliers for keeping it rocking

The slab has been poured! Looking good :)

Moving along nicely prepping for the slab pour later this week.

Earthworks have started on the new build for 416 Madaffari Drive. Keep an eye out for our continuous progress photos!

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