409 Madaffari

This home is now complete and the finished product is amazing!

Garage door has been installed

Stairs are almost complete

Some progress pictures :)

Hebel Claddings almost complete, end of June should see us at lock up.

Hebel Claddings are going on.

Ceiling Framing Complete, ready for gyprock once external claddings are done.

Eave linings all completed, garage rood to complete and on to the external claddings.

A little hard to see but Roof Cover is complete! Thanks Steve & Ethan :)

Week 7 - Eaves flashing on in readiness for roof sheeting

Week 6 Progress Photos

Week 5 Progress Photos

Week 4 Progress Photos

Week 3 Progress Photos

Last weeks progress with the Steel framing.

Steel Frames starting to take shape.

Some updated pictures of how this home is progressing.

Steel is heading to site - ETA end of the week (23.01.2021)

Thanks to Richard Jones from Murchison Rammed Earth for the great work on the rammed earth walls.

Loving the rammed earth walls!

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