33 Chelydra Point

Upper Floor brickwork is coming along nicely and the view is amazing!

Upper floor suspended slab pour complete, amazing views to the front and rear and an awesome quality slab pour too :)

Thanks Ben from JBS Formwork and Rob for setting up the steel and formwork for the suspended slab pour.

Thanks to Nick and Brin for the quality ground floor brickwork.

Rob ignoring the magnificent view and focused on getting steel in place for the undercroft suspended slab.

Formworker progress for undercroft 2 - Big thanks to Ben Chaisty from JBS Formwork for working Easter to get this done!

Ground Floor Slab courtesy of Paul Waters

Formworker progress for undercroft 1.

Earthworks Progress - with thanks for Daniel and the crew from Fremantle Earthworks for a firm, flat playing surface.

Walls have started going up!

Footings and Earthworks have started.

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